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INETKO is a Managed Service Provider servicing businesses of all sizes.  No company is too small or too big for the services we provide. We offer a wide array of solutions to fit growth and keep our clients competitive in whatever industry they're in.


When it comes to technology we are the backbone of our clients.  Our commitment is to keep our clients network running 24/7 while they keep themselves busy with developing their business.  We simplify IT through the products we offer targeting only our client needs. When we propose a service that means you (the client) need it.

5 Reason why choose iNETKO SOLUTIONS:

1. As a Managed Service Provider We specialize in supporting small or large business environments. Working closely with our clients as their technology partner we strive to understand their needs and goals.  As your business grow we will grow with you.

​2. When it comes to technical support Inetko can handle any project from simple maintenance and repair, to the most complex LAN/Wan environment.  With us your options are unlimited.

3. With us our clients have Certified Systems Engineers managing their network and their servers instead of the "Office Manager".  We'll allow you to have  the time you need to develop your business.

4. Your success is our success! Your happiness is our happiness!  Therefore you business is our business. We offer our services at competitive rates and pride ourselves in our commitment to our clients' success.

5. We bring peace of mind to our clients.  Our services are built around the concept of business continuity.  With us clients can always have the confidence that their network environment will always be up.

iNETKO Consultation

  • Network and system administration

  • Helpdesk services

  • Monthly network health reports

  • Server and workstation inspection and optimization

  • Deployment of patches and security updates across network

  • Advanced monitoring

  • Full security protection including (Antivirus, antispyware, antispam)

  • Backup and disaster Recovery

  • Database maintenance

  • PBX installation and maintenance

  • Website development

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