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Address: 6 Trowbridge Drive Bethel CT  06801

Tel: 203-791-4446

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Inetdrive Cloud Enterprise


 -Empower users with instant access to 
   data with drive mapping and mobile
 -Improve collaboration and productivity 
   via secure file sharing
 -Meet corporate security and compliance 
    standards with self-hosted deployment
 -Enable IT to retain 100% control of data 
    storage and data passage
 -Seamless Integration with on-premise 
    storage and Active Directory

File Sync & Share, and Access

 -Drive Mapping on Windows PC and Mac
 -Full Feature Web Browser Client for Access
 -Mobile Applications on                                                  iOS/Android/Windows/BlackBerry
 -Selective Sync across Devices
 -Offline Access

Secure By Design

 -100% On-Premise Deployable
 -Secure by Premise
 -Pass Enterprise Security Scanning
 -Reporting and Auditing
 -Secure Sharing
 -Login Required, Password Required, Expiration                Optional
 -Device Security
 -Remote Wipe
 -Revoke Token
 -Lockout Device (Reject Device)

More Security Features

 -SLL Encryption for Data-in-Transit
 -256-bit AES Data-At-Rest Encryption
 -Lock Management Functionality to Intranet
 -Tenant Wide Group Policy
 -Does not store Password on Mobile Device


Why Inetdrive Cloud Enterprise?


 -On-Premise Deployment
   Or Cloud Hosted
 -100% IT Control
 -Legal Compliance


 -Quick Deployment
 -On-Demand Sync
 -WAN Optimization


 -Competitively Priced
 -Volume Discount
 -Site License
 -Flexible Payment

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