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iNETKO Services

The digital economy has firmly established information technology (IT) as the lifeblood of all businesses. But, business owners are painfully aware that IT doesn't run by itself. IT comes with a lot of complexity, costs and time-consuming "heavy lifting." Wouldn’t it be ideal if businesses could access the IT functions they need without having to deal with the complexity of IT? Cloud makes this dream a reality.

Cloud Solutions

  • Rapid deployment: physical and manual processes are replaced with intuitive drag-and-drop simplicity. Cataloged IT solutions are deployed in near real-time. 

  • Rapid scale up / scale down: drag-and-drop scalability addresses changing workload requirements without hidden costs or added complexity.   

  • Improved availability: proactive 24x7x365 infrastructure monitoring by cloud engineers combined with integrated failover technology delivers four 9s (99.99%) cloud infrastructure service level agreement. 

  • Virtual and physical (bare metal) servers: addresses multi-tier solutions consisting of virtualization-enabled front-end applications that communicate with back-end solutions and require single-tenant, fully customizable environments.

  • Multiple geographies - ensures data residency requirements can be met.

Network/Security Solutions

Digital social media

Network Security has to evolve with the changing data security threats of today.


iNETKO designs security solutions with the latest technologies to keep your organization safe from malicious activity.


More than ever before, network security must become application aware in order to mitigate application threats.

We provide a long range of services covering Network and Internet Solutions.  Our goal is to simplify the products we offer targeting only the client needs.


  • We treat you as a partner

  • All services are tailored to your success

  • Super active level of support

Backup Solutions


Business owners, we’ve got you covered!

For most of today’s small businesses, your data IS your business. CrashPlan protects your data from natural disasters, ransomware attacks, coffee spills, and even that employee that quits and deletes the team folder on the way out.

Data protection is the primary foundation of a business continuity plan. Organizations must implement a data protection strategy that appropriately manages risk in order to minimize potential downtime.

Data protection should include user data, critical databases, applications and operating systems on servers and workstations across the organization. Local and offsite backup policies are advised for increased speed of backup/recovery executions, and further redundancy.

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